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Engine Warranty Terms & Conditions for engines only.

Engine Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. An Engine service must be carried out by a garage after 500 miles were the oil and oil filter must be changed (Please note only use the type and grade of oil recommended by the original engine manufacturer). Manually adjustable tappets should be checked and reset as required and where applicable the cooling, fuel and ignition systems as well as auxiliary drive belts should be checked.

2. Service proof must be retained showing time, date , reg , Mileage and grade of lubricants to keep warranty validated

3.. Any necessary repairs or maintenance (whether covered by this Warranty or not) should be carried out as soon as is practicable and without further detriment to the condition of the engine. All ancillary parts should always be maintained in good order.

2.We do not offer a delivery service via a designated driver the customer can collect the vehicle from our workshops or organise delivery via a third party once the outstanding amount has been cleared.

2.a Discounted recovery service is available for a radius of 40 miles of our workshops

3. We do not warranty engine failure or damage occurring directly or indirectly as a result of the following:

ii) Fault or failure of any ancillary components including but not limited to the cooling system, fuel system, turbo charger/exhaust and ignition system components, etc. Nor are the ancillaries covered themselves.
iii) Where the vehicle has been used in conjunction with motor sports or marine situations or in case of taxi plated Vehicles a limited mileage warranty will be offered(18000 miles)
iv) As a result of malicious damage.
v) As a result of fire or theft or a collision.
vi) As a result of overheating or lack of lubrication (due to insufficient coolant or lubricant).

5. This warranty does not cover ancillary component failure. For instance if the engine is overheated through an ancillary component failure then then guarantee will not cover you.

6. The term “engine” refers to the cylinder head & block and the components which make these up (i.e. pistons, cam shafts, con rods, etc). Any ancillaries are the customer’s existing components which have been transferred from the customers failed engine or have been replaced back on to the customers engine once has been rebuilt.

6.1 Certain vehicles need to have the air conditioned system disconnected for the engine removal and this can cause a loss of gas in the system this can be refilled t a cost of £45 – £60 depending on vehicle

6.2 Most modern cars have integrated stereo systems which have stereos security codes may be lost when we disconnect the battery .This code should with the car manual or you can contact the manufacturer for it.

If you have the code available please leave it for our attention in the vehicle and we will re enter for you.

6.3 Immobilisers and Alarms make sure that all immobilisers and alarms are left with the vehicle as when works are finished
we will need these to start the vehicle. All immobilisers should be in a reasonable working condition.

6.4 If the vehicle has no fuel or is very low on fuel we will require to fill up the vehicle with fuel to the sum of £5.00 so that we can carry out necessary checks once the vehicle has been started.

7. The guarantee terminates if any part supplied has been tampered with in any way (i.e. seals broken, stripped down, taken apart, etc) without prior written approval.

8. The warranty terminates if the engine temperature tabs (heat tabs) have been tampered with or removed.

9. Any modifications or repair work undertaken without the written consent of the company would invalidate the Guarantee.

10. Vehicle recovery charges, hire car costs, loss of earnings, and any other consequential costs which might arise are not covered by this Guarantee.

11. Unless otherwise agreed in writing this guarantee is valid in the UK Mainland only.

12. If an engine needs to be replaced under the terms of this guarantee, we require the faulty vehicle to be returned to our workshop so we can assess and advise accordingly.

13. If an engine is replaced under the terms of this guarantee, the replacement engine will be covered for the balance of the original guarantee.

14. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

15. This warranty begins the day the vehicle is collected.

16. If any material facts are withheld, false or fraudulent reports and/or claims are made then this warranty shall become void.

17. If the customer decides for any reason that they do not want any further works to be carried collection of the vehicle must be arranged by the customers all parts removed shall be placed either on a pallet or with the customers permission in the vehicle.

17.1 Free recovery applies on the basis the works which are quoted are carried out any recovery charges will need to be paid for at £1.75 per mile for cars and £2.50 per mile for vehicles over 2.0 tonne.

18. All payment methods and terms are displayed on our website how to pay page.

19. The timescales for completion of works are approx 10-15 working days this does not include the day the vehicle is collected. We endeavour to have your works completed as quickly as we can but on occasions certain parts may not be available from either our suppliers or from the manufacturer themselves and unfortunately this can and will cause a disruption to the estimated completion of the works

20. It’s important that you try and provide us with much information as you can when you have initially contacted us with regards to the engine failure.We are more than happy to speak to your garage or mechanic so that we can have a better understanding of the issue with your vehicle and advise you accordingly

21. If your vehicle requires in addition ancillary components these parts may have failed and caused the failure of the engine or failed as a result of the engine failing.
These parts can be supplied by the customer or alternatively we can provide you with a quote for these parts as well.
If the customer does supply the parts they must make sure that the parts are suitable for the vehicle
And are in a working condition as we cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect and non functioning parts.

22. We usually always rebuild the existing engine , the added benefit of this is that the engine number does not have to be changed on the V5 Logbook document.

23. The original engine block will not be used if the block is damaged beyond economical repair, or is suspected of having a internal issue with regards to its structural integrity.

24. If the cylinder head, cylinder block or crankshaft are damaged beyond repair then surcharges will apply and you will be contacted with this information.

25. We the management of (B1 Smart Cars Ltd) have the right to add or change these terms and conditions any time without any notice.

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